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Below you will find some useful information about Brazzers. How to retrieve your password, how to cancel your membership and other frequently asked questions, as well as Brazzers’s contact information.

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Brazzers FAQ’s

What is a Member or Subscription ID?
A Member or Subscription ID is a unique identifying number that corresponds to the membership/subscription that you have purchased. You will receive your Member/Subscription ID immediately after the purchase of a membership/subscription via the e-mail address that you provided on the payment page. You should always maintain a record of your Member/Subscription ID and should use this number in any correspondence with a Billing Support Representative. With this number a Billing Support Representative can view your membership/subscription history, the time it was purchased, the charges made, as well as the payment information used for the purchase.
I don’t remember my password. How can I retrieve it?
In order to obtain your password, you must return to the site that you had originally signed-up for and click on the “Forgot Password?” link. If you are a member with Brazzers you can retrieve your password here. You will be asked to provide both your username and e-mail address and once completed, your password will be e-mailed back to you.

If you cannot remember your username in addition to your password and no longer have the confirmation e-mail from the original sign-up, please contact Brazzers support and we will be more than happy to provide you with your password or any other login information once your membership can be confirmed.

How do I cancel my membership or subscription?
Membership sites use authorized billing companies to process transactions. In order to cancel your membership you must first identify which billing company processed your transaction. In order to identify the company which processed your transaction please reference your original confirmation e-mail. If you no longer have your original confirmation e-mail, here are the official websites of the billing companies that process transactions for

You can also refer to your credit card statement where you will find both a website for support as well as a toll-free number.
Otherwise, you can contact Brazzers support and one of their agents will be able to assist you.

Upon cancelling your membership, a confirmation e-mail is automatically sent to the e-mail that was used for the initial sign-up.

I have a question which has not been answered by the FAQ’s. What do I do?
If you have any further questions, please contact Brazzers customer support.